Some of us never evolved

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Welcome to the Shallow Gene Pool website.  Here you will find my various podcast shows, links to resource sites, a list of podcasts I listen to and recommend, information about utilities for podcasting and the equipment I used for producing and editing the podcasts I create. 

On each of the podcast pages you will find not only information about the podcast itself, but links to the RSS feed, links to download the podcast MP3 and an embedded player for each episode enabling you to listen directly online.

The Shallow Gene Pool Podcast is where we take a look at the support, development and examples of the shallow end of the human gene pool and issue our RedShift Award. 

2184 Headlines is a satirical and fractured look at possible headlines from the future based upon current cultural, legal and legislative trends, pet peeves, conspiracies and the fears of people in our society today.

In A Moment In Reason Podcast, we will delve into skeptical and rational thought regarding a wide rang of topics.

Rejection Letter Audio is an outlet for any writer who seeks to share their short stories with others.  This podcast has been replaced by Plan B Audio.

Plan B Audio is an outlet for my short stories, with very few exceptions.

Any and all comments are encouraged and welcomed however, those who contact me will be held responsible for what they write.  Be clear, succinct and civil.  Messages of merit, and of course flames, will be posted in their respected areas.