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A Moment in Reason is, for lack of a better description, a short skeptical and rational rant.  Topic subjects vary but, with few exceptions, every episode of A Moment in Reason is a brief comment on that subject. 

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   Christmas 2011 - The war on this season, a few updates and two songs from The Fump.


   Policing For Profit - The abuse of civil asset forfeiture.  Institute for Justice report and video.


   Brownie Blue - Goodbye my old friend.  Small Comfort by George Hrab from the Geologic Podcast


   You're An Armature, Now Shut Up - Traditional media commenting on how  amateurs commentators need to be controlled and Andrew Keen commenting on how user generated free content is assaulting our economy, culture and values.  Andrew Keen's Book - The Cult Of The Amateur: How Today's Internet Is Killing Our Culture


   Woo  - The new SyFy show "Mary Knows Best" and the followers of woo.


   I Don't Care  - Are you evil because you don't care about something others demand you should? 


   Politicians, Science and Scientists  - How Republicans and Democrats both ignore and abuse science and how scientists blindly and irrationally supported the activist James Hansen of NASA. 


   Protecting Traditional Christian Marriage  - How the Christian Bible defines marriage and why Christians do not support it. 


   Atheism 101 - Answers to questions about atheism sent to me and a few additional comments.  Website mention - Godlessons.    


   Christmas 2009 - A summary of what the season means to me, some comments about those who simply don't get it and the reply of a user requested Christmas song.  


   Save The Planet - Stop Breeding - The idea and perhaps plans for population control finds a new home. 


   Environmental Technology Illness - A new disease caused by Wind Turbine Farms; Wind Turbine Syndrome. 


   An Atheist in the Boy Scouts of America - Why an atheist like me belongs to an organization like the BSA. 


   Green Hypocrisy - Comments on the cognitive dissidence and hypocrisy of the climate change ideology.

   Something to Consider - A historical speech that I found interesting.

   Christmas 2008 - A thank you to listeners, my view of and celebration of Christmas and a holiday parody song.

   Crackpot Index: Alternative Medicine Version - A list of common claims from the supporters of alternative medicine and related snake oil and a way to rate them.

Original Crackpot Index -

A simple method for rating potentially revolutionary contributions to medicine.  Start with a -5 point starting credit. Any positive rating will indicate the level of crackpot you are most likely dealing with.


   Religious Win in the 2008 Elections - How religion won big in the 2008 elections.

   Ben Stein's Hypocrisy - Expelled, Ben Stein's hypocrisy and the new Intelligent Design and Creation Science push.

   Politics, Polarization & Religion - The use of religion by and the deification of Obama and the irrational and stereotypical theistic reactions of his supporters.

   End of Summer - Getting the podcasts back up and running, a change to one podcast and the launch of a new one. 

   The Negative Impact of the Americans With Disabilities Act - The negative impact of the Americans With Disabilities Act, litigious abuses, unreasonable demands and the eventual and desired effect on the Internet.

   Web 2.0 Arrogance - Misunderstanding of what Web 2.0 is and arrogance from both users and professionals using the web. 

   The Hatred of Ron Paul - The seeming conditioned hatred of Ron Paul by Republicans and Democrats.

   Delays, Setbacks and Corrections... - Podcast delays and a correction.

   The Christian Battle Against Islam - In their battle against fundamentalist Islam, Christians risk becoming just as great a threat.

   So This Is Kwanzaa - Details surrounding the creator of Kwanzaa and its violent roots. 

   Who Defines Atheism - The archaic strawman definition of atheism versus the reality of how atheists see themselves.   

   Respecting the Troops - The disparity between the respect the politically left claim to have for our men and women of the military and what is illustrated by their actions.   

   Applying Affirmative Action to History  - Misrepresenting the accomplishments of black inventors and scientists at the risk of tarnishing the reputation of all black inventors and scientists.   

   The Police State - Just a few common sense questions regarding the violations of freedom by police that we accept and a few sites that track police abusing their authority and civilians. 

    PETA - Recent trial of PETA employees killing and dumping animals, PETA's lies about animal shelters and PETA's record of killing most of the animals they take in.

    TSGP September Update - An update regarding changes to the Shallow Gene Pool podcasts and website and the launch of a new podcast, Rejection Letter Audio.

    Conflict Over Climate Change - Comments on the emotional and political ideology of climate change, the equating of skeptics to holocaust deniers and legitimate questions from a skeptic.

    Scientology - A commentary about the people who attack the Church of Scientology.

    Supernatural World - What type of world do you think you live in?

    Torture, Cruelty and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Are you are a victim of torture and you don't even know it?

    Free Speech and Civility Part 2 - Political speech, civil debate and hatred.

    Secular Islamic Summit - Comments on the recent Secular Islamic Summit and C.A.I.R.

    TSGP Website update & podcast lecture - An update of the Shallow Gene Pool website and a quick informative course regarding podcasting and some misconceptions.

    What Comes Around - Democrats afraid of comedians?  Why?

    Uncomfortable Questions - Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

    The Latest Addiction - Cutting edge research into the addictive nature of tanning.

    Justifiable Crimes  - Justifiable Crimes and the "heroes" who commit them.

    Mexico’s Migra - Mexico’s Migra and Immigrant Hypocrisy.

    Bioprospecting - Bioprospecting in national parks for beneficial use in agriculture, medicine or for general commercial use and the environmentalists that want to stop it completely.

    RIAA’s New Deal - RIAA's new plans to persecute more frightened teenagers, the recently departed and you.'s RIAA boycott. 

    Free Speech For Only The Proper Type Of Speech - Speech code censorship, the Fairness Doctrine and its effect on the internet and podcasting.

    Why Are You Worried About Wal-Mart? - Hypocrisy of those who stand against Wal-Mart and supporting your local businesses.

    A Commentary About Atheists - A few simple facts regarding atheist, how society sees them and there actions in comparison to the "moral" theists in our society.

    Paganism The Other Other Religion - The reality of this alternative "religion".

    Kill Your Children The Vegan Way - The negative ramifications of vegan and vegetarian diets upon children and adults.

    God Save Me From Your Faithful - One of the most insulting phrases uttered by Christians.

    The God Jehovah Wants Your Penis - The reason behind medically sanctioned genital mutilation.

    Mars Anomaly Research - Skulls and other anomalies found on Mars. 

    Follow the Peace Loving Religion of Islam or Die.

    Concarvinores - Militant Vegetarians.

    What Christians Believe - What Christians believe as viewed through Kent Hovind logic. 

    Violent Arab Religions - The violent religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, the modern secular nature of the latter two and the need to secularize the first. 

    Unrestricted Marriage - ‘Nuff said? 

    A Virginia Atheist in King George's Court - Our President’s faith and actions, the secular left’s similar actions.  So what is the difference?

    9/11 Conspiracy Theory Special - 9/11 Conspiracy Theory, two special “tuthers” and the movie 9/11 Eyewitness.

    Free Speech and Civility - The Bush assassination movie, political speech & civil debate.


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